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Inner Wisdom & Joy

Each one of us is a great teacher.  We have accumulated wisdom through life experience, trials, tribulations, great adventures, roads less travelled, and life choices.  We may not see our experiences as providing wisdom; in fact, many of us see our experiences as shameful.  It is time to tap into our inner wisdom and joy to live our fullest lives, free of shame and liberated from forcing ourselves into tiny roles.

It is my privilege and joy to help you rediscover your own profound wisdom through yoga classes, yoga teacher trainings, workshops, and life coaching.  I am honored beyond description to hold space for your personal transformation into your own greatest teacher.

Each one of us is a bright light.  Each one of us has great gifts to offer the world.  Each one of us has something to contribute and share.  


When you work with me, you choose your own adventure! 



You can start with LIFE COACHING, in person or on the phone, to quickly unlock the door to your own wisdom and possibility!  It is a quick and powerful 30 minutes that leads to big changes.


You can start with a DESIRE MAP workshop to follow a path in a group setting toward your own wisdom and Core Desired Feelings.  Talk about empowerment and clarity in an afternoon!


You can start with YOGA CLASSES to ease into listening to your own inner teacher.  Everyone is welcome, everyone is seen and respected.  All levels are encouraged to attend.


You can start with Ruthie-designed WORKSHOPS to enhance your understanding of where yoga intersects with a wide variety of topics, including hypermobility, anxiety, depression, sustaining energy in helper professions, and trauma.  New workshops added monthly. 


You are your






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About Ruthie

Ruthie is a 200 ERYT yoga teacher, Desire Map facilitator, and life coach.  Ruthie has taught yoga in Madison, WI and internationally for 10 years, and is in awe of the resilient and generous spirit of yogis everywhere. 

Ruthie trained with Baron Baptiste to receive her 200 HR RYT.  Ruthie co-created the Olive Tree Yoga Foundation in 2011, and developed OTYF's 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Program in 2013, which was the first teacher training to be completed in Bethlehem, Palestine.  Ruthie helped to lead 5 groups of teacher trainees in three countries through training to become creative and intuitive yoga teachers.  Ruthie's is so honored to know the people who have graduated teacher trainings, and takes enormous joy in seeing their projects and achievements in yoga and the greater world. 

Ruthie is a chronic illness survivor, and works to be an advocate for people suffering from invisible illnesses, anxiety and depression.  She supports those suffering from trauma and those in recovery through yoga, meditation, and coaching. Ruthie has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder that causes hypermobility and instability in joints and can lead to chronic pain. She practiced yoga for years, not knowing that she had the condition, and her vigorous asana practice caused great pain even though other parts of yoga helped enormously. She had to re-learn yoga so that it is supportive for her condition. Ruthie looks forward to sharing ways to create more ease in personal practice and in our students' practices.

Ruthie spends her free time with her partner and sons, squishy-faced dogs, and chickens.  She loves DIY projects, gardening and dreaming of life on a farmette.


Ready to Open New Doors?

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