How will You

take flight?

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 You've landed here for a reason, you super-cool person -- now choose your amazing path and let's get headed to transformation town.  If you aren't certain, reach out.  I am so happy to help you chose the right path for you.



My Statement of Intention

It is my privilege and honor help clients rediscover their own wisdom and vibrancy through life coaching, yoga classes, workshops and trainings, and retreats.  I am honored and committed to holding space for each person’s transformation and self-discovery.  I stand solidly in your corner, challenging you, encouraging you, and respecting you and your life’s experience.

As an engaged coach and teacher, I respect the lived experiences of my clients, and honor their truths.  I bring my commitment to intersectional feminism to the table, and I welcome all clients who desire that the entirety of their life experiences be respected while working toward transformation.  If you have questions about whether you would feel safe and supported in my coaching and classes, please schedule a consult here.  I would love to talk with you!



You can start with LIFE COACHING, in person or on the phone, to quickly unlock the door to your own wisdom and possibility!  It is a quick and powerful 30 minutes that leads to big changes.


You can start with YOGA CLASSES to ease into listening to your own inner teacher.  Everyone is welcome, everyone is seen and respected.  All levels are encouraged to attend.


You can start with a DESIRE MAP workshop to follow a path in a group setting toward your own wisdom and Core Desired Feelings.  Talk about empowerment and clarity in an afternoon!


You can start with Ruthie-designed WORKSHOPS to enhance your understanding of where yoga intersects with a wide variety of topics, including hypermobility, anxiety, depression, sustaining energy in helper professions, and trauma.  New workshops added seasonally.