Life Coaching with Ruthie


Life Coaching offers an immediate sense of possibility in your life and connection with yourself and those around you.  In a Yoga Life Coaching session, spend a transformative 30 minutes talking about crafting the direction of your life and getting clear on your path.  

Ruthie trains with Deborah Williamson and Kellie Lin Knott in the Wild Abundant Life Yoga Life Coaching program.  

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Life Coaching News

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Brand New Pricing for Folks who Need a Life Coaching Boost & Who are Struggling to Make Ends Meet: $30 for 30 minutes

Lots of folks want life coaching, but are in the same boat I have been in before: under- or unemployed.  You may be an overworked and underpaid grad student, one of our heroic teachers, you might be single-parenting, struggling, and hoping that the next paycheck will be enough to cover groceries. Ugh, it has been a long, hard haul for me to get out of that cycle, and I honor everyone in the struggle. I see you, I respect you, and I care that you are in this.

When I was in the cycle, I had no bandwidth to contemplate saving $100 for Life Coaching, but dear Lord, I needed it. I needed a place where I could express that I wanted a new way forward and have guidance deciding what my next powerful move would be.

Once, deep in the middle of the painful, lonely, and tearful stretch of single-parenting, while I was trying to be a full time yoga teacher, the amazing Kellie Lin Knott blessed me with a life coaching session. It changed the direction of my year, and I am forever grateful.

So I am paying it forward.

I am offering 30 minutes of life coaching for $30 for those who feel that they could really use some coaching, but feel like they cannot afford coaching.


It's on the honor system, so you don't have to justify anything to me. I have been there. Let's work together. WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS, so LET'S RISE.