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Hypermobility & Yoga: What to Do When the Practice That Helped Us Hurts our Students

  • The People's Yoga Collective 1214 Williamson St Madison, WI (map)
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Hypermobility & Yoga: a workshop for teacher and bodyworkers and dancers and circus people and theatre folks -- anyone who works with people and movement!

No teacher wants students to leave class in pain, & sometimes they do. 

In this workshop, you will learn more about how to help our students stay safe and comfortable, and learn how to lead them in practices that are sustainable long-term.

Learn how to recognize the signs of hypermobility, some of the causes, & how to keep students safer. Workshop includes common, subtle, and sneaky ways hypermobility shows up in yoga practices, how to offer modifications and cues that resonate to your hypermobile students, and discussion of the frequent intersection of yoga, hypermobility, anxiety, proprioception, and interoception. 

Your students will thank you!

Especially welcome: teachers who haven’t heard about hypermobility and may be somewhat skeptical. We look forward to lots of questions! 

Sliding scale:

Community Rate $75: rate supports the cost of hosting the workshop

Sustainer Rate $100: rate supports the cost of hosting the workshop and the workshop materials

Uplifter Rate $125: rate supports the cost of hosting the workshop, the workshop materials, and supports the presenter.

4 Continuing Education credits available through Yoga Alliance

This workshop is appropriate for: yoga teachers and teachers in training, body workers, energy workers, anyone who works with humans with bodies!

curious students

anyone who lives with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome or hypermobile joints who wants more support to practice yoga and move through the world safely

anyone who has taken the previous hypermobility workshops and wants to dive deeper into the topic of yoga and hypermobiility.

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Part of the Yoga Took Kit Series.  Each workshop provides tools for teachers to enhance their teaching and tools for students to make their practice more grounded and easeful.