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Joint Mobility & Yoga at Blue Soul Yoga

  • Blue Soul Yoga Waunakee, WI (map)
Sept 2018 Joint Mobility.jpg

Early Bird Price before September 1: $50 // After September 1: $59
4 Continuing Education credits available through Yoga Alliance
This workshop is appropriate for:
*yoga teachers
*yoga students
*anyone who lives with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome or hypermobile joints who wants more support to practice yoga and move through the world safely
*Parents or teachers of kids who may be hypermobile

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About the Workshop

So many of us mistake hypermobility for just really good yoga skills, both in ourselves and in our students, and certainly on Instagram! If we have hypermobile joints, many of the modern assists, cues, and modifications can actually cause more damage to our bodies and lead to profound confusion and frustration and chronic pain.

This workshop will outline some causes of hypermobility, what may be occurring anatomically, and will help you identify hypermobility in our students and selves. Then we will focus on the hip, knee, and elbow joints (the shoulder girdle would require its own workshop, but we will speak generally of it) and how hypermobility in those joints shows up in our yoga practice, how to modify to support the joints, and Ruthie will share some cool supportive modifications for ourselves and our students.

This workshop is appropriate for students and teachers, and anyone with EDS or general hypermobility who wants to learn more about how to practice yoga safely.

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Part of the Yoga Took Kit Series.  Each workshop provides tools for teachers to enhance their teaching and tools for students to make their practice more grounded and easeful.

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