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We are creating what is next in our lives 

We know you have wondered WHAT DO I WANT NEXT IN LIFE?
You are not the only person who isn't sure! There are so many of us in the same boat, but we can feel so alone and confused about what our next steps are and how to take them. 

Those of us who want to create what is next in life are joining forces on October 22, 2018 for an 8-week journey, filled with kindness and encouragement, where we explore what is next for each of us in a unique and powerful online group made up of anyone who identifies as a woman.

Full Program: the week of October 29- the week of December 17 Sign up for the entire program HERE

How the Take flight GROUP works

Our free Intro week starts October 22, 2018. You'll have the opportunity to join the group anytime before October 29.  Starting October 29, it is $69 (or $130 two people) for the following 7 weeks of sisterhood and community.

Join the full journey here

$69 gives you tools for choosing your next step in life and a community to take the journey with!
This program will expand your circle of friends and offer insight you won’t get from your day-to-day interactions.

We encourage you to take part in the free community week, October 22-28.  You will get to try all of this out and then opt in for the 7-week session.  You'll have the opportunity to join the group any time before October 29.  

Details of the Awesomeness You Will Get!

  • Expect a themed weekly newsletter to arrive in your mailbox each Monday, October 22-December 17.  Themes include "Surround Yourself with Love," "Craft Your Own Squad," and "Clean Out your Emotional Attic."  The newsletters will be filled with thought and journal prompts, easy and eye-opening exercises, notes of encouragement from Nikki and Ruthie, and some suggestions for resources outside the group.

  • Monday morning private Facebook live chats with Ruthie and/or Nikki for only group participants.  We will talk about the week’s topic and what it means to us and why we chose it; what the thought and journal prompts are about; how to implement the ideas into daily life; and we will answer any questions you have, too.

  • Friday PM private Facebook Live chats, where we will talk about how the week went for us; we will check in to see how the week went for each of you and we will find out what your thoughts are after spending a few days with that week’s theme; how to transition into the next week with suggestions for weekend rituals; and we will of course answer all your questions. (We love the questions you type to us as we chat!)

  • Access to our private, moderated Facebook group for the Take Flight participants. You will meet a ton of new people from the comfort of your couch, while you are in your pjs!  Our participants will be nationwide, and hopefully worldwide.  If you need a little community support, post on the FB group. If you have a question, post it. The crew of women will lend an ear or offer support. This program will expand your circle of friends and offer insight you won’t get from your day-to-day interactions. You’ll get support and friendship from fellow women on the Take Flight journey who you wouldn’t meet otherwise.  And Nikki and Ruthie will chime in on the group every day to answer questions or offer support and encouragement.

  • By popular demand, you will have access to a new online yoga class a week by Ruthie or Nikki!

  • First dibs on any workshops or retreats while you are a part of the Take Flight group. We will post our offerings in the group first, before we announce in other forums.

  • After the 8-week journey is complete, you will have forever access to the Take Flight graduate forum.  That’s where you can chat all you want with other grads, share tools and insight, and create further community, and welcome in new members after their Take Flight programs end. 

More women supporting more women? More tools to create your next step in life? More tools to create a more joyful present? YES, PLEASE!

The Take Flight Sisterhood community week starts October 22, 2018:

jump right in $69 for the following 7 weeks of The JOURNEY OR $130 TWO PEOPLE!