Why I created the Take Flight Community

Straight talk time:

I have spent 30 of my 45 years working in the service of something other than just me; trying to create a loving life and family: focusing on my family, my relationships, working on my career, all with varying levels of success.

 After all of the labor and effort to create something bigger than myself, I had neglected myself. Now my kids are older or even out of the house. Space has cleared up in my mind. The question that won’t stop is “What do I want? What is next?”

I asked my friends if they were feeling similar things, now that we are in middle age, and many of us have felt the shift in our lives. The part of our life where we define ourselves by our career, or our relationships, or our relationship to motherhood have calmed down. We don’t feel like we have to prove absolutely everything. Now we have a little energetic and emotional space simply to be ourselves.

But what are we going to do? What is calling to us? What will we undertake? What do we WANT?

Some of us have ideas of what we want, some of us have feelings of how we want to direct our lives, some of us have just the slightest notion that something good is waiting for us, if we just knew where to look.

Here’s how I ended up with an idea for this group of badass women supporting each other: I had a couple of pretty weird years in my life recently, maybe even a midlife crisis.  I needed the strength of women around me as I asked myself what was next.  I needed my friends to get me through some transitions. In fact, I needed Nikki so frequently that she helped me on every step of this process, whether she knew it or not. I needed the love and support of women near and far, and sometimes from strangers in the coffee line.  That love and support and encouragement changed the direction and quality of my life for the better.

There you have it: the birth of the Take Flight Sisterhood.

Together, we are going to look gently through the corners and attics of our lives. We will cheer each other on.  We will support each other when are need it. We will look at where things are working, what we can tune up, what we can let go of, and where we will direct our energy.  We will to honor our relationships and our families and our careers, and we will honor our own power. Some of us will discover big things, some of us will discover small things, and all of us will be uplifted by sisterhood and community.


Read more about the Take Flight group here.


please note: this group is open to all women, women-identified, and non-binary folks.

Take Flight w/ Nikki & Ruthie

Trial Week: October 15-21

8-Week Series begins October 22

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