Why Surfing & Yoga with Surf With Amigas in Costa Rica??

Why the heck would you want to go on a surfing and yoga retreat?

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Well, let me tell you why! Here’s some reasons why I chose this retreat.

1) We are doing yoga, usually twice a day, depending on weather and activities.  You will get your yoga in, and then we will apply yoga to surfing, and surfing to yoga, all in a context of healing and courage. Those of you who are teachers, you will have the opportunity to get 4 CE credits, too!

Yes you are right, this photo is blurry -- it was taken at night, at a campfire.  You can totally see my happiness.

Yes you are right, this photo is blurry -- it was taken at night, at a campfire.  You can totally see my happiness.

2) I can’t surf successfully yet, so you aren’t alone!  I have surfed before, fallen off my surfboard approximately 100 times, and I don’t even care.  If you know me, you know I tend to personalize any failure, or lack of success.  In this instance, I didn’t care at all, and actually felt like a major badass water goddess. 

Here’s my blissful face after a day of unsuccessful but also hugely successful surfing.

We also will have amazing instructors helping us every single day, giving us pointers, refining our surfing ways, and cheering us on. We will have all the tools we could possibly want to support us in our surfing adventure!

3) Feeling like a Badass Water Goddess is real. It really doesn’t matter if you ever ride a wave to the beach. Just learning to get your surfboard out to where you try to catch a wave is powerful. Just sitting on your board and feeling the waves building underneath you is powerful. You are connected to the whole sea! You are connected to the world’s energy! You are amazing! You are one with the Universe!  I may have boldly stated all of these things while attempting to surf.

4) I might skip a day, and it’s okay if you do, too. This retreat is not about winning a surfing or yoga award.  It is about being with yourself, in nature, and doing some cool stuff.

5) Those of you who are inquiry-minded, we will have daily discussion topics. The morning yoga class will start with a Dharma talk on the topic, then you guys get to journal or talk with your friends about how that resonates with you. We will be observing ourselves, supporting each other and growing and hugging and high-fiving all week long.



6) We will be doing some pretty amazing adventures beyond surfing: hiking into the jungle with a naturalist (you guys, there are SLOTHS NEARBY), riding horses, making chocolate, going out for a night on the town. So many opportunities for courage and adventure!

Here is a picture of a sloth.

7) We will be taking the time we need for healing. If you know me, you know that I live with several chronic illnesses. There will be days when I teach yoga and nap, and that’s it, because that is what my body needs sometimes. Sometimes my brain needs rest, too, so I take a rest. I lead the way for you all to claim your healing and resting time as you see fit.

8) You will be free. Free to surf your face off. Free to take naps. Free to curl up in a ball on your yoga mat. Free to try new things. Free to read 5 books in one week. Free to explore. Free to be your own body shape, whatever that body shape may be. Free to surf and walk and connect and inhabit the world in your magical body shape, in a supportive sisterhood. Free to connect. Free to turn inward. Free to eat four delicious meals a day. Free to be so blissfully zonked out that you sleep through dinner. Free to wake up early and surf. Free to drink 5 cups of coffee instead. Free to be introverted. Free to be your extroverted self. Free to be seen and honored.

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