return, rebirth, reemergence and revival

I’ve spent the last 18 months in deep and profound healing, physically from a couple severe illnesses and energetically from years of running on fumes.  It has been the most challenging time of my life, AND it has has been the most amazing and fulfilling time of my life. 

I have been tenderized by the daily indignities and frustrations of living with a chronic illness. I have been reminded to take my gratitude up to 11 by the selfless acts of generous souls who helped me do everything, including walking/wheelchairing and tending my own family.  I have relearned radical vulnerability from the gentle people who surround me with love, and who have been relentless in their dedication to me.

My life has been altered. My yoga practice has slowed down to a steady snail’s pace. My instruction now includes ways toward effort & ease. My view of the world has opened up more widely. If I may say so, I am kinder.  I have experienced The Great Shitstorm of Life, and I have survived.  It knocked me around, wrung me out, spit me out, and I arrived back on the earth stripped down of armor, façade, and artifice, and now I stand here, in presence and humility and connection.  I learned this: we have one life.  ONE.  Let’s live it from our roots.

Ruthie GoldmanComment